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Process documentation Header and Item Conditions Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

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The standard system includes condition types that you can only apply at the header level, the header conditions. Condition types that you can only use for items are called item conditions. The standard system also includes some condition types that can be used both at header and item level: Percent from gross (RA01) Absolute discount (RB00) Weight discount (RD00).

Header Conditions

Automatic pricing does not take header conditions into account; you can not create condition records for them in the standard system. Header conditions are entered manually in order processing. R/3 includes the following header conditions:

  • Percent discount (HA00)
  • Absolute discount (HB00)
  • Freight (HD00)
  • Order value (HM00)

Item Conditions

In the standard system, most condition types are defined as item conditions. Examples of item conditions are:

  • Material discount (K004)
  • Customer/Material (K005)
  • Customer discount (K007)
  • Material price (PR01)

Displaying Header and Item Conditions

From the header and item pricing screens, you can branch to detailed information about each condition type that appears. From the header pricing screen, place the cursor on the condition for which you require detailed information.

  • In the header price screen, choose Condition detail.
  • The system displays data it uses to calculate the amount of the condition (for example, the kind of pricing scale, quantity conversion, the scale base value, the document currency, and so on). From the details screen, you can choose Goto ® Condition record to see the specific condition record that the system accesses. From the item pricing screen, select the condition for which you require detailed information.

  • Accordingly choose Condition detail in the item price screen. To see the specific condition record that the system accesses, choose Goto
  • ® Condition record.


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