Asset report

Here the need for total asset value and attribute in one report , some keys value :

Asset Number: ANLA-ANLN1
Asset Sub-Number:ANLA-ANLN2
Asset Class:ANLA-ANLKL
Asset Class Name:ANKT-TXK50
Cost Center:ANLZ-KOSTL
Cost Center Name:CSKT-KLTXT
Capitalized Date:ANLA-AKTIV
Cumulate Acquisition Value:ANLC-KANSW
Ordinary Depreciation Start Date:ANLB-AFABG
Monthly Depreciation: ANLC-KANSW * (1/ANLB-NDJAR)
Useful Life (Year): ANLB-NDJAR
Useful Life (Period) : ANLB-NDPER
Expired Useful Life (Year) : ANLC-NDABJ
Expired Useful Life (Period): ANLC-NDABP
Accumulate Ordinary Depreciation: ANLC-KNAFA + ANLC-NAFAG

Essential Sap Reports for Managers

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