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SAP create bank key tcode

FI12 – Change House banks/bank Accounts FI – Master Data
FI01 – create bank Cross Application – Bank
FI02 – Change bank Cross Application – Bank
OY17 – Countries – field checks Cross Application – Bank
FBKP – Maintain Accounting Configuration FI – Basic Functions
FI06 – Set Flag to Delete bank Cross Application – Bank
FI03 – Display bank Cross Application – Bank
BAUP – bank Data Transfer Cross Application – Bank
BA01 – Table T005BU Cross Application – Bank
OY01 – Customize: set up countries Cross Application – Global Organization Customizing
OBD3 – C FI Maintain Table T077K FI – Basic Functions
SPACKAGE – Package Builder Basis – Package Tools
OB23 – C FI Maintain Table T078K FI – Basic Functions
OBR4 – Delete banks FI – Basic Functions
OX15 – Define internal trading partner FI – Basic Functions


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ABAP crimes

In this blog postGungor Ozcelebi selects his top ten ABAP code crimes. .He invites you to join and discuss your examples and share cases you’ve experienced in the comments section.

ABAP crimes list:

1. Complete program with no modularization blocks

2. Modification/repairs

3- Not considering performance

4- Development in productive and quality assurance systems

5- No success and failure checks

6- Not using exceptions

7- Copying big templates to every program

8- Too many global definitions

9- Lack of comments

10-  Too many errors and warnings after SLIN and SCI checks in a recently developed program.

11- Copying standard programs

12- Writing code like 1999

13-  Badly formatted source code.

14- Avoid ‘Hard codings’

15- Using exit and commit work statements in enhancements